About Program

Healthcare domain is increasingly moving towards a high precision supply-chain system, where biomedical and biological questions can be answered by engineering acumen. Polymers are everywhere in biology starting from gene to tissue. The call of the hour is to mingle biology and polymers with engineering tools and methods. Deterministic as well as stochastic procedures can lay out a highly accurate research and business model while responding to the healthcare grand challenges. Be it next generation scaffold design or on demand drug carrier or even the cellular signalling pathways in response to a drug molecule, all can be engineered to enhance efficacy of the applications. This M.Tech program has been designed in such a way so that time tested engineering disciplines like Chemical, Mechanical, Biotechnology and Materials Science and Engineering can all come together and consolidate their effort to mitigate next generation healthcare challenges hovering around polymers. Humble aim is not to have another 'Bio' program, but to have the essence of 'Biological Engineering', where data science, molecular simulations, nanotechnology, reaction kinetics, fluid mechanics, polymer physics, advanced fabrication techniques, protein engineering, cutting edge imaging, biomaterials can all be employed to solve 'Grand Challenges' in healthcare practices.

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  1. B.Tech/B.E in one of the following disciplines:
  2. Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology
  3. GATE qualification in one of the following :CH/ME/XE-C/XE-F/BM/BT


  1. All students admitted into the program will receive financial support through an MHRD Fellowship.
  2. Admission criteria is based on the GATE score and AIR of the candidate.
  3. Admission into the program is handled by the COAP portal. Candidates should first register at COAP portal. For details, please visit the website: http://coap.iitm.ac.in/


Semester 1

Total 50 Credits

Core Courses – 5

10 Credits

Electives – 2

4 Credits

Semester 2

Core Courses – 3

6 Credits

Electives – 3

6 Credits

Semester 3


12 Credits

Semester 4



12 Credits

List of Courses

Core Courses

Inter-molecular & Surface Science
Concept in Soft Matter Systems
Transport Phenomena
Intro to Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Physical Biology of Cells
Protein Engineering
Systems Biology
Polymeric Biomaterials: Science & Applications

Electives Courses

Advanced Fabrionics
Data Science & Modelling
Molecular Thermodynamics
Adsorption & Kinetics
Microfluidics & 3D Printing
Molecular Simulations
Characterization of Polymer & Bio Systems
Design of Experiments
Polymer Processing and Rheology